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To commission the PV plant, or other type of electricity generating plant, it should pass through at least 3 main, and several additional criteria. These are

•  Safety: The power plant must be safe structurally and electrically.

•  Durability: It is structurally and electrically designed for long-term operation.

•  Performance: Actual production of the power plant is not less than expected.

Additional commissioning criteria are usually set by the state authorities.

In order to put the plant into operation, the commissioning tests should be done. Including visual acceptance tests, pre-connection tests., post-connection test, and metering system tests.

ETL Group has the special equipment, such as mobile laboratory, to do the tests and commissioning on the site to pass all the needed requirements.


Operations and Maintenance

Most of the electricity production technologies require high level of maintenance and operation. As for the PV plants, the servicing and operating is not so sufficient for this type, comparing to the other types of power plants. However, in order to optimise the energy yield and maximise the lifetime of the system, suitable and scheduled maintenance is highly recommended.

We split the O&M process in two categories:

Planned or scheduled that includes module cleaning, checking module connections, checking junction and string combiner boxes, thermographic detection of faults, inverter servicing, inspection of mounting structures, vegetation control, routine balance of plant servicing and inspection.

Unscheduled or urgent maintenance should be carried out by the experts as soon as possible to avoid systemic or more problematic system failures.

Common urgent service includes the following: tightening cable connections, replacing blown fuses, repairing lightning or storm damages, repairing equipment damaged by intruders, rectifying control and data acquisition faults, repairing mounting structure faults.

The operation and maintenance (O&M) contractor should be selected carefully to ensure the highest possible effectiveness of the power plant. That is why, ETL Group is drafting the O&M contract to provide the optimised performance of the plant. After the project is commissioned, as an EPC contractor, we guarantee the performance ratio, and, as the O&M contractor, we confirm the durable and reliable operation of the power plant.