EPC & Commissioning

ETL Group is the experienced company in the area of energy and electricity. We provide all kinds of services relating to the operation and realization of renewable energy projects, offering any service from project development to full EPC and commissioning.

Our Services

Electrical Measuring

Measurement, analysis and monitoring of single-phase or three-phase electrical power network

Operational Testing

Verification of system readiness and evaluation of performance and quality of the installation.

+ O&M

Connection to the grid, PPA approval, and further operation and maintanance.


Ready to realize own project?

If you want to launch your own project, start with the basic calculation provided by our expert team. Please, fill in the form, and we will do the free project draft and simulation.


Contact Us

 Address. 25 Budivelnikiv, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49089.

Tel. +380 67 01 04 007

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