How solar power plants are changing the world’s energy system

Today solar and wind power plants (SPPs) have become the main catalyst of changes in global power system.

Technologies of using photoelectric effect (solar energy) expand consumer access to affordable and clean energy, help to control CO2 emissions and thus reduce the percentage of air pollution.

Attractive statistics

According to the latest estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar will be a major growth driver for the entire renewable energy sector as it is already profitable in many countries.

International Energy Agency (IEA) Publications are the world's most authoritative source of analysis of the energy market.

Solar energy competitiveness, in comparison with other renewable energy sources, is increasing by the capital costs of photovoltaic power plants building which is rapidly declining. Experts anticipate the cost of solar electricity produced by solar panels to be cut by 35% by 2024. This will become the basis for further industry growth over the years 2025-2030.

The IEA also predicts that in period from 2019 to 2024, the total capacity of renewable energy will increase by 50% due to solar power. By 2024, renewable energy will provide 30% of the world's electricity demand (currently providing 26%).

SPPs in Ukraine

In 2019 the expected solar power growth is around 81% in 28 European countries. It is worth to mention that Ukraine is one of the growth leaders in this sector across Europe.

Solar energy projects are being implemented throughout Ukraine. The total capacity of solar plants in Ukraine at the end of September 2019 is 3765 MW. Among them, 3420 MW are industrial stations. More than 1% of all Ukrainian industrial SPPs were implemented by ETL Group in the last year.

Significant contribution to the renewable energy generation in Ukraine is also made by small private solar power plants up to 50 kW.

Today, the total capacity of installed private SPS-s in Ukraine is already near 345 MW, and demand goes on increasing.

According to the State Energy Efficiency information, about 15,000 households in Ukraine have already been using “green” electricity, investing 300 million euros in solar panels.

The largest number of households with installed SPS is located in Dnepropetrovsk (1982), Ternopil (1369) and Kiev regions (1345).

ETL Group projects in Dnipro

Over the past year, ETL Group has built more than 15 private solar power plants in the Dnepropetrovsk region, and it is worth noting that SPPs demand among households is increasing.

The State Energy Efficiency Agency is convinced that such rates of introduction of green electricity generating facilities will allow to comply with international obligations and to implement the national renewable energy action plan by 2020.

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